Scholarship for Exchange Students

Dongguk University operates the following scholarship programs to provide international exchange students with more opportunities to study at Dongguk University in a stable learning environment.

Common benefits

  • Exemption of tuition and admission fee
  • 30% reduction of tuition for Dongguk University’s Intensive Korean Language Program

Global Korea Scholarship

  • Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) is a national scholarship program sponsored by the NIIED (National Institute for International Education in Korea) under the education ministry mostly for foreign exchange students of sister universities from ODA nations and partially from non-ODA nations.
  • This program is only available for students of sister universities that have received nomination rights from Dongguk University. Please contact the International Office of your university to check whether you are eligible. (June and December of each year)
  • Scholarship Benefits
Living Expenses Round-trip Airfare
KRW 630,000 per month Reimbursement available within the set amount