Academic Calendar

Spring 2024 Academic Calendar

Month Day Content
February 2(Fri.), 5(Mon.) - 8(Thu.) Spring 2024 Course Registration (Undergraduate)
9(Fri.) - 14(Wed.) Spring 2024 Course Registration (Graduate)
March 4(Mon.) First day of Spring 2024
4(Mon.) - 10(Sun.) Course Drop and Add (Graduate)
4(Mon.) - 10(Sun.) Course Drop and Add (Undergraduate)
20(Wed.) - 22(Fri.) Course Withdrawal (Undergraduate)
April 22(Mon.) - 26(Fri.) Midterm Examinations
June 7(Fri.) - 13(Thu.) Fiinal Examinations
14(Fri.) End of Spring 2024
17(Mon.) - 21(Fri.) Make-up Classes (if required)
25(Tue.) - 27(Thu.) Grade Upload and Appeal Available
24(Mon.) - 8.31(Sat.) Summer Vacation
August 2(Fri.) - 7(Wed.) Fall 2024 Course Registration (Graduate)
5(Mon.) - 9(Fri.) Fall 2024 Course Registration (Undergraduate)

Fall 2024 Academic Calendar

Month Day Content
September 2(Mon.) First day of Fall 2024
2(Mon.) - 8(Sun.) Course Drop and Add (Graduate)
3(Tue.) - 9(Mon.) Course Drop and Add (Undergraduate)
25(Wed.) - 27(Fri.) Course Withdrawal (Undergraduate)
October 21(Mon.) - 25(Fri.) Midterm Examinations
December 6(Fri.) - 12(Thu.) Final Examinations
13(Fri.) End of Fall 2024
16(Mon.) - 20(Fri.) Make-up Classes (if required)
21(Sat.) - 2025.2.28(Fri.) Winter Vacation
24(Tue.) - 27(Fri.) Grade Upload and Appeal Available
February 3(Mon.) - 7(Fri.) Spring 2025 Course Registration (Undergraduate)
7(Fri.) - 12(Wed.) Spring 2025 Course Registration (Graduate)

Holidays and Important Events in 2024

Month Day Content
January 1(Mon.) New Year's Day
February 9(Fri.)-12(Mon.) Lunar New Year's Holiday (Seollal)
March 1(Wed.) Independence Movement Day
May 5(Sun.) Children's Day
8(Wed.) University Anniversary
15(Wed.) Buddha's Birthday
June 6(Thu.) Memorial Day
August 15(Thu.) National Liberation Day
September 14(Sat.)-18(Wed.) Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok)
October 3(Thu.) National Foundation Day
9(Wed.) Hangeul Proclamation Day
December 25(Wed.) Christmas