School Spirit & Symbol

  • School Precepts





  • The global economic environment and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are an era that requires creativity and innovation as a ‘super-connected society’ where heterogeneous things are connected to each other to create new meanings. The Hwajaeng(harmonization) of Buddhism responds to these needs of the times with the idea of recognizing various differences, identifying common meanings, and bringing out higher values. Dongguk University called talented people who solve the problem with creative convergent thinking and practice enlightenment to contribute to human society as ‘Hwajaeng-type(Harmonization-type) talent’. In order to foster Hwajaeng-type(Harmonization-type) talent, we are to promote the innovation of learning experience through diverse convergence education, innovation of instructional design through changes in teaching method, field-based education innovation through hands-on experience, learning community innovation that allows students themselves to derive and share learning outcome.
  • Symbol

  • 동국대학교 심볼 이미지

    Communicative Logo

  • 동국대학교 심볼 이미지

    Authority Logo

  • Foundational Spirit

    The foundational spirit of Dongguk University is summed up in three educational goals : to build up one's character based on the Buddhist virtues ; to make the nation, mankind, and nature full of wisdom and benevolence ; and to realize the ideal society in which people can trust and respect each other.

  • Purpose of Education

    Following the foundational spirit, the University aims at making the Buddhist spirit and the Korean culture known worldwide, and further at cultivating persons of talent with leadership skills, who will devote themselves to realizing ideals of the nation and mankind by researching and teaching academic theories and their application methods.

  • Objectives of Education

    • Creative Thinker

    • Ethical Leader

    • Young Challenger

  • Concept of Talent

    Hwajaeng-type(Harmonization-type) talent
    : Talented people who solve the problem with creative convergent thinking and practice enlightenment to contribute to human society

  • 동국대학교 상징 코끼리


    Dongguk's symbol animal is an elephant

    which is considered a holy animal 
with wisdom and fortune. It intends to describe modern, progressive and active characteristics, and it also expresses university students of the new generation who are wise, brave, bright and friendly.

  • 동국대학교 상징 연꽃


    Dongguk's flower is a lotus blossom which is the emblem of Buddhist truth.