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Dongguk University Ranked 8th in the Korea JoongAng Daily’s University Rankings... Its Highest Ranking Ever

Date 2023.12.01. Writer 허선이 Hits 961



Dongguk University (President Yun Jae-woong) ranked 8th, its highest ranking ever, in the 2023 Korea JoongAng Daily’s University Rankings, announced on Monday the 20th, rising one notch from the previous year.


Dongguk University made an amazing achievement of taking the highest place, 8th, among Korean universities, by distinguishing itself in the field of professor research, and including such achievements as ranking 10th in faculty research (previously 14th), 5th in student education (previously 4th), 26th in educational conditions (previously 29th), and 11th in reputation (previously 10th).


This year, Dongguk University celebrates President Yun Jae-woong’s first year in office and has been reborn as a research-oriented university by implementing the ‘Dongkuk Meta Plan 120’ project. Starting in 2021, it has been included in the top 10 rankings for three consecutive years, and this year it earned 8th place, its highest ranking ever, laying the foundation as one of the top 10 universities in Korea, worthy of its name.


The research sector accounts for 32% in the Korea JoongAng Daily’s university rankings, meaning that it is a highly influential indicator. Dongguk University's ranking in the faculty and research category rose four notches, leading to an increase in its overall ranking. Dongguk University ranked ▲7th place in external research funding per professor ▲8th place in citations per paper in international academic journals ▲11th place in papers in international academic journals per professor ▲8th place in low publication volume per professor in the humanities and social sciences and ▲8th place in low publication volume per professor in the humanities and social sciences. Overall, it ranked 10th in the faculty and research sector, making progress in all detailed indicators evenly.


In addition, in the student education sector, which is where Dongguk University excels, it maintained a high ranking this year, as it earned in the previous year. The student education sector is an indicator that evaluates the university's efforts to advance into society, such as support for employment or student start-up, performance, and field training. Dongguk University ranked ▲7th in net employment rate ▲4th in domestic student dropout rate ▲3rd in international student dropout rate ▲5th in the dedicated manpower for start-ups per enrolled student and ▲4th in ratio of students participating in field training. It has proven once again that it is an excellent university in terms of both employment and startup support.


After hearing the results of the university evaluation, President Yun Jae-woong of Dongguk University said, “The biggest factor that enabled Dongguk University to achieve 8th place, the highest-ever ranking in the Korea JoongAng Daily University Rankings, is that it distinguished itself in research performance based on improving its academic structure as a research-oriented university,” and added, “We plan to continuously improve indicators related to educational conditions, which are ranked somewhat low.” He continued, “Dongguk University’s religious body, foundation, and school are joining their strengths through the recent launch of the founding committee for the second founding of the school. With the members of Dongguk University, we will continue to develop and become a prestigious university in the world,” demonstrating his ambitions.