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Dongguk University Professor Lim Jung-yeon's research team develops new high-performance robot sensor nanomaterials

Date 2023.07.28. Writer 허선이 Hits 998

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The research team of the Department of Mechanical, Robotics, and Energy Engineering Professor Lim Jung-yeon and Ph.D. candidate Kim Yeong-seong developed a new hybrid perovskite nanomaterial whose properties can be regulated by an external electric field at ambient temperature.

The material outlined above can also be employed in artificial intelligence via robot sensors, quantum computing, and computer processing capability enhancement. Because it can be utilized for high-sensitivity, ultra-high-speed sensors, it may be used in actuators in various situations to perform precise and efficient robot motion control. Furthermore, mechanical energy can be turned into electrical energy because of the energy harvesting features.

"This research is instrumental as a sensor for future robots through a new nanostructured material, and in particular, it is planned to be applied to the flying robot being developed by the research foundation CRC Leading Research Center (7 years, 9.75 billion won)," said Professor Lim Jung-yeon, adding, "I expect that it will be used in various fields in the future."

The findings will be published in the June 2023 issue of Materials Today Physics (IF=11.021), an incredibly renowned academic journal, as part of the Leading Research Center Project, funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Ministry of Science and ICT, among others.

* Journal Title: Multiferroic-field coupling in ultrathin nanofilm halide perovskite at room temperature