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Dongguk Conquers Movie Screens and TV shows

Dongguk Conquers Movie Screens and TV shows

Alumni of Dongguk University permeate the movies and TV shows.


Monday evening at 10 o’clock is a great time to relax on your couch with your remote in your hand. MBC airs ‘Dong-yi,’ KBS airs ‘Seonggyungwan Scandal’ and SBS airs ‘Doctor Champ.’ These programs have something in common, that is, actors who graduated from Dongguk University perform in them. Also, Go Hyun Jung (Class of ’94, the Department of Theatre and Film) is a leading character in the SBS drama, ‘Daemul.’ It is clear that Dongguk University alumni are presently extremely popular in TV dramas, and we expect the continued popularity. The same goes for the movie screen. In 6 of 14 movies currently showing, our alumni do an excellent job as either director or actor.


The era of Dongguk University has arrived in the movie and broadcasting sectors. Now, let’s take a look at the specific achievements of our alumni in the movies and on TV shows.


Remarkable performance in TV programs


The alumni of Dongguk University appear on almost all broadcasting stations in Korea from Monday to Saturday. Let’s begin with MBC. The show ‘Dong-yi’ which airs on Monday and Tuesday has increased its popularity to a record 23.6% of the ratings. Two main characters in that program, Han Hyo-joo (Department of Theatre) who portrays ‘Dong-yi’ and Park Ha-seon (Class of ’10, Department of theatre) who portrays ‘Queen Inhyeon’ earned their popularity in this drama. In ‘Golden fish’ airing from Monday to Friday, So Yu-jin (Class of ’04, Department of Theatre) stars as ‘Moon Hyun-jin’ and has turned in great performances. 


In the KBS drama ‘Seonggyungwan Scandal’ airing on Monday and Tuesday and dealing with romance of students in ‘Seonggyungwan,’ Park Min-young (Department of Theatre) starred as ‘Kim Yun-hee’, a fair woman in male attire. In ‘Pretty Mon’ airing on KBS from Monday to Friday, we can find Jang Tae-seong (Department of Theatre) starred as Oh Jeong-cheol, a third son in the drama.


 It’s no different on SBS. In ‘My Girlfriend, Nine-tailed Fox,’ which ended with 21.3% of the ratings, Lee Seung-gi (Class of ’94, Department of International Trade) and Sin Min-a (Department of Theatre) performed as sweet lovers. Also in ‘Doctor Champ’ airing on Monday and Tuesday, Kim So-yeon (Class of ’96, Department of Theatre) starred as ‘Kim Yeon-woo’, doctor for the national team, and she also performed well at the Tae-reung National Training Center. Also, in the SBS drama ‘Daemul’, Go Hyun Jung starred as ‘Seo Hye-rim’, the main character. In ‘You Don’t Know Women’ airing Monday to Friday, Lim Ye-jin (Department of Theatre and Film) has given an energetic performance as ‘Jang Geum-sook’.


Great Performance in Screen beyond TV Shows


Alumni of Dongguk University have conquered screens beyond TV shows. ‘Choongmu-ro’ where Dongguk University is located was the center of Korean movies. Following Professors Yu Hyun-mok and Lee Hae-rang, lots of alumni have earned their popularity and reputation as an actor or director.


 A director of the action movie ‘A Trouble-solving Broker’ released at Chuseok holiday, Gwon Hyeok-jae (Class of ’06, Department of Film & Digital Media) won the best film award in the 6th Mise-en-scene’s Short Film Festival with ‘Forty Thousand Beatings.” A producer of the KBS drama ‘Iris’, Yang Yoon-ho (Class of ’93, Department of Film & Digital Media) released ‘Grand Prix’ featuring the main characters of Kim Tae-hee and Yang Dong-geun.


Moreover, Dongguk actors and actresses are giving great performance. Kim Soo-ro who entered the Department of Theatre in 2009 gave a great comic performance in ‘Quiz King.’ Choi Min-sik (Class of ’89, Department of Theatre) starred as a serial killer in ‘I Saw the Devil’ and gave a terrifying performance. Kim In-gwon (Class of ’03, Department of Theatre) starred as ‘Oh Dong-choon’ in ‘Haewoondae’ and is currently a main character in ‘Bangga? Bangga!,’ and giving an excellent comic performance. Also, Kim Joo-hyeok (Class of ’97, Department of Theatre) and Jo Yeo-jeong (Class of ’03, Department of Theatre) gave mature performances in ‘Bangjajeon’. 


Department of Theatre and Film Marks 50th Anniversary


The Department of Theatre and the Department of Films & Digital Media at Dongguk University marked their 50th anniversaries this year. Dongguk University has produced over 600 talents, including Producer Yu Hyun-mok in the movie sector and Professor Lee Hae-rang in the theatre sector.


Lee Deok-hwa, Lee Kyung-gyu, Choi Min-sik, Lee Jeong-jae, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hye-soo and Jeon Ji-hyun, countless actors, TV talents and comedians have graduated from Dongguk University.


The performance of Dongguk alumni is brilliant, as if they are celebrating the proud 50 year history of the Department of Theatre and the Department of Films & Digital Media at Dongguk University. Dongguk University will hold a special event that invites all alumni and their family to the college for 50th anniversary of the Department of Theatre and Film.


Professor Emeritus of the Department of Theatre and Film, Jang Han-ki said, “During the period of President Baek Seong-wook, the Department of Acting was initially established, in 1950, because it was clearly necessary.” Also he added, “We had qualified professors at that time, and it enabled us to have excellent students. It is the great enthusiasm of Dongguk students which created this reputation.”




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